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All Adoption Fees go towards feeding & veterinary care of the animals coming into rescue. The adoption fee you pay for your pet, saves the next animal needing rescue.

This is Lightning. He is an 8yr old jack russell terrier. Lightning belonged to a senior couple in Toronto. Sadly his human mom passed away after a year long battle with lung cancer, and shortly after that his human dad was in need of a triple heart bypass surgery, after which he simply did not have the strength to look after Lightning. Lightning had been a boarding client for 6yrs so it was only natural that he be surrendered to our rescue. I felt so bad for this little man, I cried when he lost his family. Lightning is a bit of a 'special needs' fellow due to his temperament. He is not a dog that you can pick up whenever you feel like it. And he is not a super cuddle bunny. He will come and lie with you if it suits him. Things must be done on his terms & he needs to be dealt with without confrontation. He is who he is. He just does not like to be handled too much. His owners cherished him & worked around his sometimes grumpy attitude. If you can open your heart and home to Lightning and learn how to handle him on his terms, he is a super little man with a great sense of humour. He loves to do his tricks for you .... roll over, dance, sit pretty. And his favourite game is "bubbles". He loves to jump up and catch bubbles! He also loves to take a shower with you if you are inclined to allow him in. His owners kept him clean by letting him come in the shower and play in the water! Lightning is crate trained. He lived in an apartment so he is used to apartment living & would be suited to that lifestyle. He is recommended for an adult home only. He walks well on leash & loves to keep all the squirrels in the neighbourhood in check.

Adoption Fee: $250.00

Buster: Buster is a 6yr old Labrador x Boxer. He is gentle loving dog who loves affection. He was an owner surrender coming from a family that did not understand him & who used confrontational training methods, which resulted in Buster developing fear anxiety. Since coming into rescue Buster has blossomed. He is no longer fearful or anxious, although he can be a wee bit shy in new situations. He is a fun loving happy dog. Buster is crate trained & house trained. Buster gets along well with other dogs although his 'boxer' heritage gives him a rather rough & tumble play style with other dogs. He loves to go for walks & romps at the dog park.

Adoption Fee: $300.00 (includes vaccines, neuter, microchip)

Bates: Bates is an approximately 3yr old Coonhound. He is a gentle & loving fellow. Like all hounds though, Bates is not a candidate for 'off leash' hiking .... hounds once loose will follow their noses ... so this is an 'on leash' hiking dog. A securely fenced yard (6ft fence) will be a MUST for Bates adoptive home. Bates loves his walks & hikes, and walks well in harness. Bates can be vocal at times, so is not suitable to be an apartment/condo living dog. Bates is crate trained and house trained. He is currently training in the H.O.P.E program. He does need some more work on house manners but he is a wonderful dog who love a nice quiet home. Bates is good with other dogs.
Adoption Fee: $300.00 (includes neuter, vaccines, microchip) _______________________________________________________

Bright is a two year old female Yellow Lab/Rottweiller Mix. She is a beautiful golden color with just a few wrinkles on her face and the softest coat! Bright is a very people-focused and attentive dog. While Bright has never met a human that she doesn't like, she is a bit pickier when it comes to her doggie friends. Bright doesn't mind sharing her house with cats, though. Bright has an especially calm demeanor with children. While a dog her size could easily be intimidating, Bright prefers to simply lean in for love and hugs. Bright is a very easy girl to work with as she just wants to please you! From her foster family before she came to Ontario: We are the foster family that Bright originally went to. We have a large, predominantly male dog pack at our house. I believe Bright's issue with our other dogs simply came from her insecurity and trying to determine her place in our pack. She does have a more dominant than submissive personality, but I don't believe it is an alpha personality. I believe she would prosper in an environment with just one or two other dogs. A video of Bright with one of our dogs can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mDHAO-l3pU&feature=channel Please take a moment to view the video as it shows that she can be just fine with other dogs in the right environment. She engaged in play MANY times with certain dogs as well. She did seem to prefer dogs her size and smaller. I can't stress enough what a terrific people-focused girl Bright is. She was EXCELLENT with our kids, seeming to know immediately that her large size could intimidate and accidentally hurt them--And compensating by slowing down when approaching them and leaning in for pets. She had no interest in the cats and was very easy to crate. She has been spayed, is HW negative, and completely vetted. Unfortunately, there simply aren't any other foster homes that we can move Bright to--We only have two to begin with! This poor girl is currently in boarding...which is NOT the place for a dog as people-loving as Bright. Is there any rescue with a foster home available for this girl? We will personally include $50 sponsorship to any approved rescue that can offer this girl what we couldn't. Bright is spayed and up to date with vaccines & she will be microchipped before going to her new home. **Bright is considered not to be good with other dogs (as per the comment she is pickier about her canine friends). Her foster home in the States said that although she did get along well with some dogs, if she didn't ... it was bad. For this reason Brights adopters need to know that she is NOT a dog park candidate and should be considered an "only" dog. Bright is a wonderful affectionate girl but should be an "only child" Adoption Fee = $300.00 _____________________________________________

This is Tah'ree. She is a female Lab mix approx. 50lbs. She is spayed & vaccinated. Tah'ree is a beautiful well trained girl who will sit, stay, give you five, and lay down all on hand signals. She will stay out of the kitchen while meals are being prepared and will go lay on her mat on command. As a pup Tah'ree was a high energy dog, playing happily at the dog park with other dogs of all ages and sizes. She still loves to play fetch and frisbee, and to be in the water, but after 30min or so she's happy to sleep in a sunbeam. Tah'ree lived with a 15yr old spaniel and was gentle and respectful of him & would stop playing when the older dog got tired. Tah'ree was surrendered to rescue because she was living with a three year old toddler who did not respect her ... she had played well with him under supervision since he was 1, but as he got older and rougher with Tah’ree, she has became less patient with him. He ran cars and other toys into her and she would bark and air snap in pain or surprise.

Tah'ree would do well in an adult home or a home with older children (12+) who will treat her with kindness and respect. Since Tah'ree is an owner surrender we have a lot of information about her ..... Tah'ree spent the first 2yrs of her life living in British Columbia on 50 acres by a lake. She absolutely LOVES playing in the water. After that she and her family moved to Indiana to suburban life. Tah’ree is still not used to cars or traffic. She should be on a leash near roads. She does not like thunder or fireworks. If she can cuddle up to you during the storm she does fine. If she is alone she will bark and hide under a desk or in a closet. Vacuums and balloons also scare her, she will find a room far away from either. Her mat is considered her “safe place” . She is trained with the command of “Go to your mat” and no matter where she is in the house she will go lay down on her blanket (or whatever you assign as her “mat.”) Her owner reports, "We have also assigned a coat, towel, etc as her “mat” when we are out hiking or on a picnic. This way she knows where is a good place for her to be even when we are away from home". She does not protect toys & she has been learning to retrieve toys by name. She can be instructed, “Go get your ball” or Rope, Squeaky, Donut, Hedgehog, Leash, etc. and she will root around her toy bag or mat area until she finds the right one then will bring it to you to play. Tah'ree's owner also reports, "Tah’ree also knows the command “Get out of the kitchen.” When she was young she would always be underfoot when I was cooking, looking for scraps. So I taught her “Get out of the kitchen” to mean lay down at the kitchen entrance (where the rug ends and the linoleum starts). She will now go right to that spot whenever I start cooking. When we move she has to be reminded to “stay out of the kitchen” but falls back into the habit quickly. Anything that we were teaching her was not okay to play with was called “Human.” For example, if she found and wanted to play with a beanie baby she was told “no, that’s human.” She understands this well and we have not had a problem with her chewing our things. Since she was young we worked with touching Tah’ree’s paws, mouth, belly, ears and legs. So she doesn’t mind being handled, even when the vet needs to give shots. She is very affectionate towards us and prefers to sit anywhere she can touch us."

Tah'ree is distrustful of men in hats &/or uniforms. (since being in foster we have not noticed this ... she has been fine with men in hats) She will also 'car guard' at times. Tah'ree also knows some tricks .... she will speak/bark in response to the cue "What?" .... you can see some video of Tah-ree at http://www.youtube.com/user/mrstahree
Adoption Fee = $300.00 (includes vaccines, spay, microchip) ___________________________________

This is Casey. She is a 6yr old Lab x Chow. Casey is housetrained & loves to play fetch. She will retrieve balls, sticks, toys, and she catches frisbees like a pro! Casey is good with other dogs but can get a little resource guardy with them when it comes to "high value" items such as food or bones. She is NOT resource guardy with people though. Casey has attended basic obedience classes with her former family. She is an owner surrender due to circumstances beyond their control. Casey would be best suited to an active adult home, or a home with children over the age of 10yrs. She would be an excellent candidate for dog sports!! Casey has a few dog tricks up her sleeve as well ..... sit pretty, shake a paw, and roll over

Adoption Fee = $300.00 (includes spay, vaccines, microchip) ______________________________________________

This is Spot. He is a cattle dog x border collie. Spot is three & a half years of age. He was an owner surrender to a high kill shelter in Kentucky (reason given was divorce). Spot is high energy & will require some obedience training based in positive reinforcement. Spot is currently enrolled in the HOPE program (Help Our Pets Excel) which is an obedience program for dogs awaiting adoption.

We have already had Spot vaccinated, HW tested (result neg), and neutered

Adoption Fee = $300.00 (includes vaccines, neuter, & microchip) _______________________________________________________

A Word On Adoption Fees: adoption fees are kept as low as possible and the purpose of adoption fees is to pay for spay/neuter; vaccines; microchipping; plus the board & keep and everyday expenses incurred in caring for these animals on a daily basis. We encourage you to check out the costs of spay/neuter/vaccines/microchips so that you can appreciate just what a good deal the adoption fees are. Depending on where you live, these same procedures could cost you double or even triple the amount of the adoption fee. I'll Stand By You All Breed Pet Rescue does not profit from adoption fees.