How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

Donate food

Donate crates &/or xpens; dog runs

Donate worming meds (SafeGuard suspension) &/or flea preventatives

These things listed above are the necessities of everyday care for these animals

Other Ways to Help .....

  1. If you are a veterinarian maybe you'd like to donate a spay or neuter, or a set of vaccines, or a heartworm test/meds, for one of the animals currently available for adoption

  2. If you are a groomer maybe you'd like to donate a grooming

  3. maybe you'd like to be a foster home

  4. maybe you could help with transport if an animal needs to travel a distance to its new home

Or ... SPONSOR a dog or a cat currently awaiting adoption. Sponsor an animal by providing for that animal while he/she is awaiting adoption (food, treats, toys, vaccines are some ideas)

All sponsors/supporters who wish to be acknowleged will receive acknowledgement on this blog. If you are a business (vet clinic for example), & you so wish, we will post an ad & link to your business/clinic in return for your donation.