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Success Stories > Adopted Animals
Jess was abandoned along with another dog & lived stray for 4mths before a good samariton befriended the 2 dogs, gained their trust, and brought them in. Jess was adopted by her foster family & is now living happily in Burlington, Ontario
Lil Jackie found herself homeless when her owner died. She ended up in a high kill Ohio shelter & from there, came here. Lil Jackie has been adopted by a wonderful family & is now living happily in Kingston, Ontario

Thea (now named Bailey) came to us from a shelter in Ohio where she was slated to be euthanized at only 9mths of age. Thea is now a cherished family member to her new owners in Toronto

Roxy was an owner surrender due to her owners health. She is now a cherished family member to her new owners in Port Dover

Artemis was a dog we fostered for JRTRO. She was successfully adopted and now living on a horse farm in Goderich.

Bailey was rescued from death row in a Kentucky shelter. She now lives in Peterborough, Ontario where she shares her home with another hound and people who love her

Herman was a foster dog for JRTRO. He was found as a stray & taken to the local animal control and then transferred to a humane society and subsequently adopted out. He was returned to the shelter and slated for euthanasia, when one of the shelter staff called JRTRO for help to save Herman. JRTRO called me to assess him & I went and got him out of the shelter & fostered him here. Herman is a 'perfect' dog! He is now living in Toronto with a couple who adore him!

Destiny is a border collie who was picked up as a stray in rural Ohio & ended up in the shelter on death row. Destiny & her new family now divide their time between city life in Oakville and cottage life in Haliburton. Destiny has found her destiny!

Taylor was rescued from the gas chamber in an Ohio shelter at just 4mths of age. Not even old enough to have done anything wrong in life > his only crime was being born into a home that didn't want him. Taylor is now living happily in Hamilton, Ontario.

Zuess > 8mth old Rottweiller

Benji > 8mth old lhasa x peke > this cutie patootie now lives in cottage country!

Beau was found wandering in rural Kentucky. He was in terrible shape ... emaciated ... most likely a 'left behind' hunting dog. Beau was adopted by a wonderful couple & is living the good life in Oakville, Ontario

This is Molly (re-named Bambi by her new family). Molly was rescued from death row at a high kill Kentucky shelter. She was only 8mths of age .... just a baby & such a sweet little dog. Molly was adopted by a wonderful family in Thornhill, Ontario

This Sam, one of the dogs from Athens, Ohio. Sam was in rescue for 7mths prior to being adopted & his adoption was a direct result of the Pet Funfest & Adopt-a-Pet-Athon show put on by Helping Homeless Pets. It was at this show that Sam met his new owner. Karolyn was smitten and followed up after the show to apply to adopt Sam. Thank You to Helping Homeless Pets for putting on the Pet Funfest, and for allowing us to participate.

This is Skimmer, one of the dogs I fostered for JRTRO. Skimmer was adopted after a couple of months in foster care here. Skimmer hit the jackpot with his new home > he is a cherished companion and finally living the life he deserves.

Izzy has been adopted by a wonderful family in Brantford, Ontario. She has a hound dog buddy to play with and a leash free park within walking distance of her new home.
This is Ralphie, a jack russell terrier that we fostered for Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario. Ralphie was adopted through JRTRO & is now living the good life in Toronto.

This little kitty was one of the rescue kittens we took in this summer. He is now living in Georgetown where he is a much loved companion.

Three of the rescue kittens that I bottle raised summer 2009. As the cold weather approached it became urgent to move these little ones off the farm, as our 'overflow' kennel building is not heated & therefore not used during the winter. We were very fortunate that Toronto Cat Rescue took them into their program. We paid to have them vaccinated so that they could enter the program. They are pictured here at the Pet Valu store in Toronto. Pet Valu does not "sell" animals > they just provide a foster home for the cats/kittens in the Toronto Cat Rescue program.

Higgins was adopted by a family in Bradford. Higgins is Charlotte's littermate. Higgins is one of the dogs that came up from Athens, Ohio.

Jed is the dog that was hit by a car & had a broken hip. He was picked up by animal control & taken to a local vet clinic for help. Jed had surgery to remove the hip joint (an excision) and came here for post surgical re-hab & adoption. Jed was adopted on trial but returned to become a member of our dog family.

Tiny Tim (now named Teddy) was found as a very young puppy wandering on a rural road in Ontario. He was underweight, flea infested, and had 30 ticks on his head! After appropriate veterinary care & a few weeks of good nutrition, Teddy was adopted by a family in Brantford. He is pictured above at 7wks of age and 1yr of age


Gunner a foxhound from Kentucky > we brought Gunner into rescue just after Christmas 2008 and then after fostering him for quite some time, decided to keep him. Gunner helps me teach family dog training classes (as my demo dog) and he was recently hired to appear on 2 episodes of the television show The Murdoch Mysteries

This Charlotte. She came to us from a shelter in Athens, Ohio along with her littermate Higgins. Charlotte has been adopted by a wonderful family in Oakville, Ontario

Charlotte was re-named "Mosie"


"Chance" > a catahoula cur originally from Louisiana. He was an owner surrender to BARK in Louisiana, was transferred from BARK to the spca in Hamilton, adopted out to a family in Hamilton who re-homed him to someone else in Hamilton, who re-homed him to someone in Simcoe. All by 10mths of age!!! He was on his way to the local pound where he would certainly have met death as his fate (having been through so many homes he would have been deemed unadoptable). Fortunately I heard about him in time and was able to get him from his owner. Chance stayed with me for 6wks before being adopted by a wonderful fellow in Port Dover, Ontario. Chance is now living the life he deserves and he is a cherished companion to his new owner.

Turbo was one of the jrt's that we fostered for JRTRO > he was successfully adopted and has been re-named Stanley by his new owners. He is living in London, Ontario
Lady > another foster dog for JRTRO > she is one of the jrt's from Alabama > Lady has been re-named "Lucy" and is now living in Grand Valley with her new owner who adores her :-)

Elvis > another dog we fostered for JRTRO . He is also one of the jrt's from Alabama. Elvis was heartworm positive, was treated, & came to us for post treatment care & fostering. Elvis is now living out near Windsor where he is the cherished companion of his new owners

Huck was one of the dogs that came up from Hilltop Haven Rescue & Halfway House in Kentucky. He was one of the death row dogs that we pulled xmas 2008. Huck went to a friend of mine in Toronto & was later rehomed. He is now living in Toronto.

This is Milo. He was a foster dog for JRTRO. He has been successfully adopted.

Crosby > His owners moved and were unable to keep him. Crosby is now living in Kitchener with his new owners

Jiffy > Jiffy was a dog I fostered for Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Of Ontario. Jiffy was rescued from an animal shelter in Ontario where he was slated to be euthanized. They said he barked too much. He had external signs of bark collar damage to his throat. Jiffy is only 1yr old and is a very sweet boy. Jiffy was successfully adopted after a month in foster care and is now living in Pickering, Ontario

Ginger > She is a retriever mix. Ginger grew too big and too rambunctious for her family which included 3 small children. Ginger was surrendered at 4mths of age and was successfully adopted.

Winter & her kittens. Winter was a stray cat that showed up on the farm in the winter of 2006. She was half starved and pregnant. I found her rifling through my garbage. She was skin and bones and frost bitten, but she pulled through and had 4 beautiful kittens. All 4 kittens found wonderful new homes, and we decided to keep Winter

Skippy > Skippy is a jack russell terrier that we fostered for Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Of Ontario. He was 5yrs old and was picked up as a stray while his owner was away. He'd been hit by a car and dislocated his hip. When his owner went to claim him from the animal control shelter where he was being held, she was given a huge vet bill that she could not afford to pay. (Skippy's vet treatment was just xrays) The animal control shelter therefore refused to give her the dog. Skippy was sent to JRTRO but the rescue was not told the identity of the original owner. Skippy was in foster care for several months prior to being adopted.

Max > another foster for JRTRO. Max was successfully adopted after a couple of months in foster care.


Jack was a foster dog for JRTRO > he is now living with his new owners in Cookstown, Ontario

Dundee > border collie > successfully re-homed

The Ducks! > these ducks were from a batch of ducklings that fell out of the cargo hold of a plane. They are pictured here as adults. We brought them to our farm when an urgent plea went out to save them. They were then successfully re-homed to a hobby farm in Rockwood where they have their own private pond and island.